about us

Since its foundation in 1976, by the actual management, TRIDELLA S.r.l. has always dedicated itself to the production of rollers, needle rollers and balls; these products were originally destined to bearings production, but they subsequently found many other industrial applications. Several production plants, equipped with high technology machines of several dimensions, are able to produce small and large lots, of many types, materials and quantities.

We can make items with dimensions, materials and tolerances based on customer drawings and specifications. We are also able to supply rollers and needle rollers with particular executions, such as logarithmic profile with specific diametral sections.

Our Balls Divisions can supply all diameters from 1,5 to 100 mm and in inch fractions (1/16…1/4…3/8…etc.) in several precision degrees and materials: chrome steel, carbon, stainless and special materials (plastic, ceramic, glass…).

The continual development of our customers’ products requires a high flexibility level. In order to satisfy the continual requests of quality improvement, we keep researching and developing both production processes and information / management / control systems.

Sophisticated technological workings, particular care towards staff and suppliers, upgrade courses for employees, frequent audits and inspections and documented processes insure a better quality production and high level performances. The continuous manufacturing processes monitoring guarantees our products to meet customers’ quality standards.

Through modern technology and tight controls we are able to match all our customers’ requests. Our warehouse, modernly managed and very well assorted, we are able to satisfy all out customers’ needs with competitive prices and, when necessary, appropriate certification.